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Alexandra Feusi is a Swiss-Polish artist from Zurich. She studies at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts in the field of abstract painting. 

Musically she moves somewhere between dance techno, disco and indie dance with a distinct penchant for electronic psychedelic sound and French electronic music as well as a soft spot for the weird.


Making music is for her a perfect balance to the rather introverted work in the studio, where no social interaction takes place.


Her role as DJ forms a counterpoint, it is an extroverted game between her and the dancers. In the middle of the action and yet in a safe space, loud, wild, and palpable as part of life and a community.


Detached from the two-dimensionality of painting, it is musically possible to create an abstract space, to play and experiment in it, as she emphasizes.


Music and her studio work inspire each other and develop a new energy and source of inspiration. Both are equally important to her and can't be separated from each other, both have the same origin, both are art.

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