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©Sandra Oblak

Alexandra Cristina Feusi

Swiss/Polish Artist
Based in Vienna
Born in Zurich
Studying at the academy of fine arts Vienna

Currently on exchange year at Kyoto University of art


After completing her bachelor's degree at the Zurich University of the Arts, the Zurich native moved to Vienna in 2018, where she is studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in the department of painting.

In addition to curiosities and strange situations, Feusi cites everyday situations as her main source of inspiration.

"With pictures I can continue to speak when I reach limits with words."

To overcome the uncomfortable emptiness of the canvas, Feusi translates her impressions and sensations into expressive brushstrokes and spatula strokes.

At least for the beginning, she creates a colorful chaos from which she increasingly creates clarity and gains new ideas.

The artist rearranges, applies layer after layer until everything has found its intended place and a harmony between chaos and order prevails.

Alexandra Feusi's art moves between abstract painting and representational drawing.

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