©Sandra Oblak

Alexandra Cristina Feusi

Swiss/Polish Artist
Based in Vienna
Born in Zurich
Studying at the academy of fine arts Vienna


Can you remember the children's game of putting a triangular block into the triangular hole, a cube into the square hole, or a star into the star-shaped hole, and that satisfying feeling when each object sinks into the matching hole completely smoothly? 

Everything is in its place, everything has a clear purpose, everything has to be just so and not otherwise.

I am the Alexandra Feusi block, and my art is the Alexandra Feusi opening that goes with it. I sink smoothly into it when I make art. I am exactly where I have to be, do exactly what I have to do, and I cannot and will not squeeze myself into any other shape. For it is only when I create art - which, in addition to painting, also includes making music, DJing, photography, self-dramatization and writing - that I clearly feel my purpose in life, and  know I am in the right place.