©Sandra Oblak

Alexandra Cristina Feusi

Swiss/Polish Artist
Based in Vienna
Born in Zurich
Studying at the academy of fine arts Vienna


In art almost everything is possible, you have the freedom to create scenes that fit through your head and to experience fantasies that are otherwise hidden from us. You can continue to speak with pictures if you have reached your limits with words. For me, creating art is a way of thinking with my hands. I do not close my eyes to reality, but in this way I have the privilege of observing, processing and addressing everything from a comfortable distance.

With my art, I comment on society, culture, everyday life, which, along with oddities and strange situations, serve as my main sources of inspiration.

Everything I see, hear, feel and perceive flows together in my work and mixes into a chaos from which ideas sprout. I try them out, research other options, collect and sort them until the chaos in my eyes makes sense and everything is in its place.